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Coordinates37.86297, -122.2189
DateSun, Feb 19 2012 0:00:00 UTC
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Landslide Location & Date

LocationLatLonGeneral SettingObserved DateEvent Date
37.863-122.219No Answer2012-02-19 00:00:00

Landslide Description

Movement TypeSlope TypeMaterialConsistencySound TypeSpeedDurationTreesPrior Conditions
FlowNo AnswerNo AnswerNo AnswerNo AnswerNo AnswerNo AnswerNo Answer

Landslide Size

Slide LengthSlide WidthSlide DepthDeposit WidthDeposit Depth
No AnswerNo AnswerNo AnswerNo AnswerNo Answer

Landslide Damages

Surface Water EffectNo Answer

Landslide Photos

Earthflow off Grizzly Peak Boulevard, Oakland CA
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