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The purpose of the Inventory Project is to provide a framework and tools for displaying and analyzing landslide inventory data collected in a spatially aware digital format from individual states. However, there is a wealth of landslide inventory information that is not digital in nature, in the form of hard-copy reports, maps, and other formats, which will need to be scanned or otherwise integrated into a digital format. Most state surveys and the USGS have information of a non-digital nature, and one of the challenges of the project is to successfully provide a forum for this valuable information.

Picture of tensions cracks
A landslide forced officials to close a section of Highway 30 near Clatskanie, Oregon - just before the mud and debris poured down, burying at least two homes. The slide from a debris clogged Eilertsen Creek washed a mobile home onto the Lower Columbia River Highway about five miles west of town and buried two others, a spokesman from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) said. The landslide occurred December 11, 2007. Photo courtesy of Clatskanie, Oregon, PUD employee Kerry Kallunki.

Currently, the preliminary framework consists of a website featuring both technical and socioeconomic landslide information, from individual state surveys and the U.S. Geological Survey and relevant information from other sources. The primary organizing entity is The Landslide Inventory Steering Committee, composed of members of USGS and State Geological Surveys and other state agencies, which will guide the growth, development, and oversight of a national landslide inventory database website.

The website will also provide a clearinghouse for mapping and data collection techniques utilized by the various agencies and surveys involved. The long-term goal is to promote more consistent landslide mapping and databases nationwide, as well as provide information on innovative mapping techniques.

Users of landslide inventory data include:

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