Rainfall is measured at the monitoring site using one 8-inch-diameter tipping-bucket rain gauges that measure 0.01 inch of rainfall per tip.

Rainfall over the last 14 days at Bent Creek Rain Gauge

Ground Water Pressure

The monitoring site has three tensiometers (S1-S3) located at various depths. The tensiometers are connected with current transducers that can measure pore-water pressures in the range of +850 hPa to -1000 hPa. The location and depth of the porous tips of each of the tensiometers are indicated on the graphs. Pore-water pressures are reported in kiloPascals (kPa). One kiloPascal is roughly equivalent to the pressure exerted by a 10-cm-deep column of water.

Soil Suction/pore pressure, last 14 days

Soil Water Content

Each instrument array (M1-M3) at the monitoring site is equipped with three capacitance-based instruments to measure the volumetric water content of the soil. The location and depth of the instruments are indicated on the graphs.

Soil Water Content, last 14 days

Soil Temperature

Each tensiometer has a built-in temperature sensor. Soil temperature measurements are used to correct measurements by the other instruments and to provide an indication of when the ground is frozen.

Soil Temperature, last 14 days

Battery Voltage

Battery voltage is monitored for identifying any problems with battery charging due to solar panel or battery failures.

Battery voltage and temperature, last 14 days