Rainfall is measured at the monitoring site using tipping-bucket rain gauges near the outlet of the basin and near the ridge top. One rain gage is installed on a bare open slope. A second rain gage is installed beneath the canopy of recovering vegetation. Each tip of the bucket records 0.2 mm of precipitation. Graphs of rain gage data show the cumulative rainfall since the last gage reset and the 10-minute rainfall intensity.

Rainfall for last three hours

3 hours

Rainfall for last week

One week

Soil Water Content and Ground Water Pressure

The monitoring site has two soil pits with sensors to measure the volumetric water content of the soil. One pit is on a bare open slope, the other is beneath the canopy of the recovering vegetation. A tensiometer to measure soil pore-water pressure in the range of +85 kPa to -100 kPa is located at the base of one of the pits. The location and depth of the instruments are indicated on the graphs.

Channel Stage

A laser-distance meter is mounted over the channel to measure the height of flow if present.

Battery Voltage

Battery voltage is monitored for identifying any problems with battery charging due to solar panel or battery failures.

Battery voltage for last two weeks

2 weeks